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Meeting Fred Nolan

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Fred Nolan and Billy Buck
Fred Nolan and Billy Roberts

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of spending an afternoon with famed Billy the Kid historian Frederick Nolan, who was visiting Lincoln, New Mexico.  Nolan is arguably among the world’s foremost Billy the Kid authors and his excellent books were the inspiration that inspired me to start mapping the stories of the Old West. Of all the people in the world, Mr. Nolan was the one person I most hoped to impress with my maps. I’m extremely happy to say that he loved them. Mr. Nolan called them “extraordinary,” said it was clear I had done my homework, and most importantly he said the maps gave him a new perspective on the world of Billy the Kid. He wanted copies for himself, including the new "Kid Country" map (pictured) and the Lincoln Town map, which he studied in detail as we spoke. This was a defining moment for me.

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